The title and naming rights sponsorship landscape


caytoo analysed around 800 title, headline and naming rights sponsorship deals since the beginning of 2023 to understand the most likely categories to undertake such deals.

Title, headline and naming rights sponsorship (T/H/N) deals account for 16% of all deals signed and, as with all deals as a whole, Brand Awareness is the most common motivation for undertaking such deals. However, having a Local Connection plays a slightly bigger part in T/H/N deals than other type of deals. In contrast, Fan Engagement and Showcasing Product as the main motivation plays a smaller part.

Gambling, Banks and Car brands have undertaken the most T/H/N deals, as they tend do with most types of other deals. However, Electronics/Appliances Retailers, Publishing and Materials/Chemicals firms are the most focused/ concentrated on choosing T/H/N deals vs. any other types of deal. So, a good sponsorship sales strategy involves prioritising categories that do the most deals (“volume”) as well as categories most focused on choosing T/H/N deals vs. any other type of deal.

Naming Rights Sponsorship - chart

Although Soccer and Motorsport properties have secured the most T/H/N deals (as they do with most type of other deals), Awards events and Cue Sports (namely Snooker) are the most focused/ concentrated on securing T/H/N deals vs. any other types of deal. Therefore, it makes sense for these types of rights holders to prioritise selling T/H/N deals versus any other.

Across reported deal values since the start of 2023, the average annual value is €10.1 million. However, this is skewed by the fact that higher deal values are much more likely to be reported than smaller ones, so a more realistic figure is the median value of €4.6 million (the middle value when all deals are ordered by size). But, in reality across all deals, the figures will be much lower.

Note for comparison, this is noticeably less than the average (€16.9 million) and median (€7.5 million) values for front of shirt sponsorship deals across teams in Europe’s Top 5 Soccer Leagues (Premier League – England, LaLiga – Spain, Bundesliga – Germany, Serie A – Italy and Ligue 1 – France).

The full Title & Naming Rights Sponsorship Landscape covers:

  1. Key findings
  2. Main motivation for doing deals
  3. Categories undertaking the most T/H/N deals
  4. Categories most focused on T/H/N deals
  5. Properties securing the most T/H/N deals
  6. Properties most focused on securing T/H/N deals
  7. Reported deal values
  8. Full data list of deals

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