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We help rights holders solve their #1 problem – getting meetings with relevant brands at a time when they may be looking to spend money to deliver a specific marketing goal.

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Most rights holders tell us that getting in front of potential sponsors is their #1 challenge.​ We use our skills and experience in research, analysis, marketing and actionable commercial intelligence to meet this challenge head on.

We deliver both generic and custom research to help rights holders target potential sponsors with relevant opportunities at the right budget at a time when they might be in buy mode. We are focussed on looking forwards and anticipating the next sponsors by analysing signals in the media, tracking hires and researching companies.

We also help brands identify the best rights holders to meet particular marketing objectives.

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What is caytoo?

[Pronounced kay-too] Noun

A reference to K2, the highest peak in the Karakoram range and second highest in the world at 28,250 feet. Everest is often used as a metaphor for achievement, but K2 is statistically much tougher. It was the last of the 8,000m+ peaks to be climbed in winter. Appropriately, it was conquered by a team of Sherpa’s from competing expeditions who came together in a remarkable example of extreme teamwork to summit, all 8 together, shortly before sunset on January 15 2021. No individual climber will be listed as first.

This is our K2.

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Our “Pulse” alert produced by our expert analyst team contains interesting deals, marketer job moves and brands worth pitching now due to a timely hook.

Available only to rights holders it’s delivered to your inbox a few times a week! If you’re an agency contact info@caytoo.co.uk

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